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For protecting the assets of the company or to prevent theft or clarification, we offer our installation of hidden cameras, transmitters of environment, telephone...

Our freedom is under constant electronic surveillance. Computer technologies have improved, what experts call our "footprint" (traceability). Our activities, our conversations, our preferences and our focus leave footprints on multiple computer systems that control our daily lives. All these data are collected, centralized and stored by public and private organizations that can meet any time the "profile" of each individual.

Databases, computer files, mobile phones, Internet, connection between credit card and bar code, network Echelon, this is the means by which our freedom is under surveillance...

The government and private companies' databases together contain many personal details on millions of citizens or consumers. These data are harmless as they scattered, spread over multiple computer systems. But using techniques familiar to hackers, "organizations" are able to easily access these systems to collect and centralize all this information.

Many companies created in recent years (mainly in the U.S.) are specialized to individual data collection, officially for commercial purposes. But these files or private databases begin to collect millions of very detailed individual profiles of consumers spread throughout Western countries. The information in these files or databases is sold to anyone wanting to buy them.

The costs incurred by credit cards can continue our journeys, and find our profile as consumers.

To optimize inventory management (storage) and accounting, information systems in combination stores memorize card numbers and bar codes on products purchased. If for example the product is a book, the bar code lets you know that book, and thus seek the cultural and political profile of the buyer...

The relationship of the bar code number and a credit card means an automatic link with consumers identified product also identified.

The mobile phone can always locate the owner, on position, to receive a call, it is technically necessary that the systems operator to locate the subscriber to determine the cell that transmit the call. Cell phones emit a signal then stay to indicate their presence to the nearest cell. The phone becomes a real electronic collar. A necklace voluntary wore and paid by the wearer.

The Echelon network is an automated communications listener, whatever its medium: telephone, fax, e-mail, satellites.

The Echelon network has been set up for 20 years and the biggest secret for five Anglo-Saxon countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The Echelon network is mainly controlled by the NSA, the U.S. agency electronic information. The ingenious idea is to use Echelon's voice recognition technology to automatically find key words in conversations under surveillance. The key words to find are selected by officials of Echelon, according to the situation and the objectives of the day.

The technique of listening to be automated, a large number of communications in the world can be recorded and treated each day. Only those communications containing the keywords are selected for human analysis.

Echelon can then analyze 2 million conversations per minute. Every day Echelon intercepts communications 4.3 billion, almost half of the 10 billion communications daily exchanged in the world...

The existence of this network was revealed to the media in 1998, during a European Parliament report (rapport du Parlement Européen), which Echelon accused of violating "the privacy of communications of non-Americans, as well as governments, companies and citizens ".

Nothing is more transparent than the network, with appropriate software, anyone can find out the information viewed by a surfer.

The internet user is also easily identifiable thanks to the personal data stored by the browser and the system. The data of our identity are "to examine or verifiable at a distance" and the file contents of the famous "magic cookie." This file keeps track of certain Web sites visited in which recorded information to identify users and store their profile.